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"The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you."
Coco Chanel

As long as I can remember, shopping was my favorite past time. Fashion was my escape and meant I could be whatever I wanted to be. Some of my favorite memories growing up were shopping with my family. I'm excited for Pink Creek to bring you the same memories.  

In 2015, I attempted to open an online boutique. My drive and passion was there, but just wasn't the right time in my life; I was still in the process of getting my first Bachelor's Degree and needed to focus on that. Fast forward to 2020, I graduated with my second Bachelor's Degree and started as a full time Registered Nurse in the CVICU. However, I still had dreams I wanted to make a reality. 

Pink Creek's name comes from a special place in my heart. Pink, being my signature color, always brought a smile to my face. Anytime I was wearing pink, no matter the shade, I felt content. Creek came from that fact that I was raised playing in my grandparent's creek. Everyday I would go down to the creek with Grizzly, the world's best black lab, and would spend hours and hours. Put the two words together and voila, Pink Creek was made. 

We hope you will enjoy your time shopping with us online, as well as in our store front in Tulsa, OK.

My husband, Stefon, two fur babies, Jax (past away Nov. 2022) and Stella, and I would like to thank you for shopping with Pink Creek and for supporting my dream. 

Janae Irby