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Introducing your Newest Obsession

Hey girl,

Okay, picture this: It’s finally the weekend. For an amazing few days, you’ve got a break from the day-to-day chaos and schedule that runs your life throughout the week. You’ve made it to that night out, date night, girl’s brunch – whatever it is, really – that you’ve been looking forward to for weeks on end.

Then it hits you.

What are you going to wear? You definitely have an outfit in your closet. Right? That cute jacket you’ve been wanting to wear for months, patiently waiting until the weather is right, would be perfect. But what are you wearing it with? You’re exhausted from the week, you don’t have the brain capacity to go through every item in your closet, and you definitely don’t have the energy to find the accessories to match. You need some outfit inspo and you need it stat.

Enter Pink Creek – your new favorite women’s boutique!

Consider us the women’s fashion source you always knew you needed but didn’t know where to look. We’re the bestie you can come to when you need fresh ideas, the latest trends, hottest accessories, a new top for your next night away, or shoes for the holiday party your husband didn’t tell you about until this morning.

Your journey to becoming the most stylish woman in the office or out on the town starts now. Let us join you for the ride. You bring the snacks and we’ll bring the cute outfits and the good vibes.

And, probably, the Justin Bieber.

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